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Recent Pics @ ICAS

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ICAS-Max Planck Symposium Frontiers in Physical Sciences, 14-18 November 2016
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Nobel Laureate Klaus von Klitzing

Public Lecture on Self Similarity in music

Speakers dinner at La Cabrera

Prof. Ponce Dawson

The C3 Science Museum opened for the conference participants, who enjoyed it!

ICAS and Max Planck directors

Recent events @ ICAS

CONICET President Dr. Cecatto visiting ICAS

ICHEP-Summarizing workshop @ ICAS

ICAS 4th floor in new building recently completed!

September 6th-9th, ICAS Meeting HP2

CMS recent Spoke-person Tiziano Camporesi @ ICAS HP2

Last day Barbecue @ ICAS HP2 Meeting

Fabio Maltoni @ ICAS

Participants photo for ICAS HP2

Massimiliano Grazzini and Gavin Salam premiering their prize

June 22nd, 2016, ICAS official Inauguration!

CONICET President (A. Ceccato), Science Minister (L. Barañao), ICAS Director (D. de Florian) and UNSAM Rector (C. Ruta)

Tornavia Theatre

ICAS Inauguration speakers

April 2016, pushing up the year!

Open Mathematics @ ICAS

Julio Rossi's seminar

ICAS building going up!

Matías Zaldarriaga (ICAS International Board) at UNSAM mensa

PhD student Javier Mazzitelli

ICAS building

PhD students Mariel Estevez and Ignacio Fabres

PhD students Nerina Fidanza and Javier Mazzitelli

Post-doc Javier Romero

March 2016, already at work!

Daniel de Florian

Lili Arrachea

Ezequiel Álvarez

Current ICAS and UNSAM campus (February 2016)

Provisory ICAS building

ICAS office

Gym and auditorium building

As for February 2016, we are defining the offices for the new building!

Model for new ICAS building

Interior model for upcoming ICAS building

Defined plane for ICAS floor

February 2016, outstanding advancements in construction!

ICAS building under construction

Auditorium entrance to ICAS building under construction

2 floors and growing!

November 2015, the new ICAS building is being born

Ground zero growing up

August 2015, ICAS is born!

HEP-PH team in ICAS ground zero

COND-MAT team in ICAS ground zero

Choripan Nac&Pop celebration next to train station!