International Center for Advanced Studies


The International Center for Advanced Studies (ICAS) is launched in 2015 by the University of San Martin (UNSAM). The main goal is to enhance the connection between the academic institutions in areas of basic science of Argentina and the international community, with particular focus on physics, mathematics and chemistry.

ICAS is expected to be an instrument to significantly improve the impact and visibility of the research developed in Argentinean institutions. It has a transversal structure in which the most creative and active researchers in areas of basic science participate as members of the National Board and/or as Associates. In addition, it has an International Board of very distinguished and renowned scientists who periodically review the global evolution of the center and advise on the activities. (See below.)

ICAS aims to be a facility devoted to support high-quality collaborative research carried out by participants from Argentinean and worldwide institutions. It is planed to host a few permanent research groups (initially high-energy and condensed-matter physics) along with an important number of short-term visitors, postdocs and senior researchers in sabbatical stays.

ICAS supports the following activities in which short-term visitors, permanent researchers and associates are expected to participate :

  • Research at the highest international standards.
  • Organization of seminars, conferences, workshops and schools.
  • PhD and Postdoctoral projects.

Directorial Board

  • Director : Ezequiel Alvarez (2021- )

  • Former Director: Daniel de Florian (2016-2021)
  • Former Deputy Director: Liliana Arrachea (2016-2021)

National Board

International Board