International Centre for Economic Development through Science and Technology

Kick-off meeting

InterEST Kick-off meeting

March 19th, 3.00PM → 7PM @ MINCyT

The creation of the International Centre for Economic Development through Science and Technology InterEST, based on South-South and Triangular cooperation, will be discussed in the framework of the United Nations BAPA+40 Conference. The intention of this Centre is to be based on the Argentinian Scientific Community and, starting from common goals with other participating countries, develop and find solutions to specific problems through Science, Technology and Innovation. Participating countries will be benefited in this win-win scheme, not only for the creation of a new tool to address an existing problem, but also because they will hold the privilege for the patents to be developed at InterEST.

Discussion Panel *

Dr. Lino Barañao
Secretary (f. Minister) of Science and Technology (Argentina)
Dr. Marcela Carena
Fermilab Director of International Relations
Head Theory division
Dr. Pablo Sanguinetti
CAF - Development Bank of Latin America
Vice-president Knowledge
Ms. Lidia Brito
Director of UNESCO Science Office for LatinAmerica
Eng. Chem. Alicia Álvarez
Berken Intellectual Property
Moderator: Dr. Xavier Bertou
ANDES Underground Lab
International Coordinator



Local Organizing Committee*:
  • F. Sec. José Flores Velasco (Argentine Foreign Office)
  • Dr. Ezequiel Alvarez (ICAS, UNSAM)
  • Dr. Xavier Bertou (CAB, CNEA)
  • Dr. Cecilia López (FCEyN, UBA)

(*) unsorted