High Energy Physics | Exoplanets | Dark Matter | Underground Experiments

International Conference @ Buenos Aires & Las Grutas, December 9th - 14th (2020)

Eclipse 2020

ICAS-UNSAM, Buenos Aires, December 9th - 11th (2020)

Las Grutas, December 12th - 14th (2020)

The Conference consists in three days of parallel sessions on High Energy Physics, Exoplanets and Dark Matter & Underground Experiments (December 9th to 11th) at ICAS-UNSAM (Buenos Aires) followed by common plenary sessions of all fields (December 12th to 14th) in Las Grutas (Rio Negro).

At noon of December 14th, an artistic and music act will serve as a prelude to the total Solar Eclipse that will occur at 1.18PM. The venue will be the Las Grutas beach in the Argentinian Patagonia, and after the Eclipse an outstanding banquet will be served for participants who will enjoy different artistic performances that will provide a unique mood and environment for such an apotheosic astronomic event.

Participation is by invitation only
Early Registration Fee 450 € (before Feb 29th).
Late Registration Fee 550 € (after Feb 29th).
Accompanying person (160 €)
Child. (90 €)


Local Scientific Organizing Committee *

  • Prof. Daniel de Florian (ICAS, UNSAM)
  • Prof. Rodrigo Díaz (ICAS, UNSAM)
  • Prof. Ezequiel Alvarez (ICAS, UNSAM)
  • Prof. Xavier Bertou (CAB, CNEA)

Scientific Advisory Committee and Collaborators*

  • Prof. Marcela Carena (Fermilab)
  • Dr. Janis Hagelberg (Geneva)
  • Dr. Javier Ciancio (CENPAT, Pto Madryn)
  • Dr. Diego Pol (MEF, Trelew)

  • Press Officer: Alina Membibre (Contact)
  • Tec. Paula Peris (Buenos Aires + Las Grutas)
  • Lic. Joaquin Trevijano


  • Las Grutas is a small and charming Patagonia beach town, but doesn't have many lodging options. You have to make the reservations well in advance (we are making agreements with hotel and apartments in the town).
  • For more information about lodging:
  • Fee Includes: Conference organization, lunches @ ICAS campus, coffee breaks, full patagonic lamb BBQ and meals, artistic performances on Eclipse Monday on the Beach Venue, and Eclipse Lenses.


(*) Unordered list
Photo by Barton Davis Smith