and they will offer you a corporate rate if you quote “HP2 conference”. But any other hotel in that region will be just fine, and in many cases you can find cheaper and very good offers online.

The HP2 conference will take place at the campus of UNSAM, just in the border of Buenos Aires. The easiest way to arrive here is by taking the train, “Mitre line”, that runs from Retiro (terminal train station in Buenos Aires) towards Jose Leon Suarez (be aware that there are several branches of Mitre) and getting off at station Miguelete, which is almost inside the campus of the University (and then you have just a 5 minutes walk inside campus).

Therefore, concerning lodging, any hotel which is close to one the train stations of that line is very convenient. Buenos Aires is full of hotels of different qualities and prices, but for a few days we can recommend to stay in Palermo, which offers many opportunities to enjoy the life of the city. We contacted the following Hotels in “Palermo”

Some recommendations for Lodging and traveling

Another option closer to the Campus (and 4 blocks to station Urquiza) is the hotel

Ker Urquiza

Registration will start at 10 am on Tuesday 6. Conference will finish at noon on Friday 9 with a great Asado. The fee will be charge in cash during the registration.

How to reach ICAS

Once you get off at station Miguelete, you just need to walk a few minutes to reach ICAS, where the registration will take place from 10 to 12 am on Tuesday 6. Lunch will also be there. The conference room is about 100 meters from there, at the IIB (see map, and just follow the red path from the train station)

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Arrival at the airport: There are a few (but not too many) alternatives to reach the city from Pistarini Airport (Ezeiza). One possibility is the Manuel Tienda Leon bus, that stops only at a few places in the city (then you will probably need something else to reach the hotel). Do not take the Public bus service. We recommend you take one of the white taxis or a reputable private car service (remis). You can hire them in the arrivals sector, or get a Taxi outside (can be cheaper if you can negotiate :)